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If you are looking for a yield in a short period of time, then Auto flowering seeds are the seed you are looking for. Auto flowering seeds come in both indicas and sativas, they are very popular due to the fact that some of them can go from seed to harvest in as soon as two months. There are also a lot of other benefits from growing an auto flowering seed, they are usually quiet small and compact, this makes them perfect for closet growers and those that are choosing to grow outdoors and don't want your neighbors knowing what you are doing. they also do not require a change in light in order to flower. Instead auto flowering seeds flower with age. If your auto flowering plant sees more than 12 hours of sunlight a day then you can create bigger buds in less time then other regular cannabis plants.

Auto flowering seeds are a favorite among many, there are a variety of different auto flowering strains to choose from. If you are looking to achieve multiple harvests in a given season then auto flowering seeds are the perfect seed for you. We have discreet and fast shipping so you can get in a good yield for this season. Get Seed Prices

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