Sativa Cannabis Seeds

When looking for a seed one of the first questions is what kind of seed, sativa, indica, or hybrid? And well some don't know the difference. As my favorite sativa is also a favorite among many. Most like the results of the high from a sativa, this being a uplifting euphoric head high, that also comes with increased energy and is best used during the day. A lot of people felt more creative and productive when using a sativa. The difference between them all isn't just the high, the way they grow is also a lot different. Sativa's are taller and a lot slimmer, and the leaves are longer and thinner as well. Sativa plants do however require longer to grow, and they don't yield are much as indica's do. The way they smell also is different sativa are usually sweet smelling, fruity, or sometimes even spicy. If you are looking for a sweet smelling, energetic euphoric high then a sativa seed is exactly what you are looking for, and they do have a wide variety of different sativa seeds to choose from.